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 会议开始时间:betway体育:/3/13  会议结束时间:betway体育:/3/14

会议时间: betway体育:-03-13至 betway体育:-03-14

会议地点: 上海




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Asia Pharma R&D Innovation betway体育: is the only event that brings together senior level executives from global and regional pharma companies, biotechs, CROs, academic institutions, technology and solution provider, investors and all the way down to other industrial stakeholders to assess the latest industrial trends, R&D strategies, partnership models and technology advancements in China and Asia.

This is the largest annual pharmaceutical R&D gathering in China featuring multiple conferences, summits and seminars that cover the entire value chain of the pharma R&D. Asia Pharma R&D Innovation betway体育: will show you how you can access the important markets in Asia that matters most to your R&D strategies. Our aim is to promote global and regional deal making between pharmas, biotechs and academics in China and across other Asian countries and to leverage technologies to your advantage in promising drug discovery, screening, safety, clinical trials and R&D activities in the region.

Key topics will cover:

• Asia’s R&D landscape from big pharma’s eyes

• How Collaboration is Driving Innovation in Research & Development ?

• Boosting Chinas new Drug Research and Development to Enhance Global Competitiveness

•Regulatory Data Protection, Patent Linkage and Patent Term Extension in New Drug Discovery and Development

•Tapping into Funding and Investment Opportunities on New Drug Discovery and Development in China

• Chinese BioPharma R&D Collaboration Opportunities and Development Models Innovation in the Future

• Case study of drug R&D and Oncology Therapeutic Focus

• Excellence in services – Technology showcase

•Omics,New Biomarker Discovery and Precision Medicine Development,Novel Technologies for Drug Discovery

•Clinical Trials Innovation

•Biomarker & Real World Data Based Decision Making in Drug Development

•Flexible and Efficient Data Management and Statistical Analysis

•Model-Driven Combined Design in Phase I/II Clinical Trials

On behalf of the committee, we sincerely hope primary discussions, topics and invitees would come across your scientific and strategic interests and the whole summit will be consisted of keynote speeches, panel/roundtable discussions, open Q&A sessions, booth and poster exhibition and guided networking sessions for all professionals and management who are working for the Biopharma industry in Asia

Who Should Attend?

More than 300 participants are expected to attend “The 3rd Asia Pharma R&D Innovation Conference betway体育:, attracting the strong contingent throughout the Asia Pacific, USA and Europe. To breakdown, the participants will mainly come from:

By Attendees:

By Attendees:

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Medical Officer

Chief Scientific Officer

SVP, VP, Head, Director of

Research and Development

R&D Business Development

Medical Affairs

Outsourcing and Externalization

Oncology/CNS/Diabetes Research

Biomarker and Translational Research

Licensing and Partnership

Clinical Trials

By Industry:

Animal Studies Services




Clinical Data Management

Clinical Research / Clinical Trials Services

Cold Chain Solutions

Compliance and Validation Services

Contract Research Services

Database / Data Mining

Drug Discovery Support Software

Electronic Data Capturing Systems

Genomic Research Tools and Equipments

High Performance Computing

Imaging Systems/Image Analysis

Legal Companies

Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Microarray Instruments

Private Equity

Proteomics Research Tools and Reagents

Protein/DNA Analyzing Software

Research Equipment and Consumables

Recruitment AgenciesStem Cell Research Technologies

Technology Transfer/Licensing Services

Venture Capital Firms

Why you can not miss Asia

Pharma R&D Innovation betway体育:?

1.Develop new business models in betway体育: and beyond for pharma R&D geared toward cost efficiency and ROI improvement

2.Navigate Asia market trends for heavily invested therapeutics areas: oncology, CNS and metabolic diseases

3.Lay foundations for effective partnership with top China CRO,biotech and academia

4.Hear how government initiatives in China 13th 5 years’ planbenefit for your research projects in China

5.Learn from best practice in managing research, balancingcosts, risk and profits

6.Explore mass in-licensing opportunities in Asia emerging markets in response to new world R&D order

7.Meet 1 on 1 with your end buyers who plan to outsource R&D to Asia for their R&D in Europe or US

8.Build right contacts in big pharma for your early stage discoveries and identify how deals can be done in Asia

9.Identify late stage opportunities in Asia to gaincompetitiveness when facing patent cliff in betway体育:

Event Name: The 3rd Annual Asia Pharma R&D Innovation Conference betway体育:

Date: March 13th to 14th,betway体育:

Venue: Wyndham Bund East Shanghai,China

Contact Person:Marketing Department

Direct Line:86 21 31602153


Website: www.aprdic.com

betway体育: 亚洲药物研发创新峰会

来自世界各地的医药和生物科技公司的专家和决策者们将于betway体育:年3月13日至14日齐聚于届时于上海举行的"betway体育:亚洲药物研发创新峰会" 来探讨如何更有效地发掘亚洲这个正在不断成长壮大的医药市场。




届时峰会将有国际主题演讲,产业及学术报告,众多交流机会,将为高端科技及商业探讨打造一个互动的平台。我们欢迎阁下致电我们获得更多信息及赞助、展览机会,86-21-31602153获取更多信息,请登录我们的会议网站www.aprdic.com 或把您的问题发送至我们电邮marketing@wbfgroup.com








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